Path to Tallebudgerra Beach

Posted: 11/07/09

The path here actually leads to a breakwater that protects the estuary of Tallebudgerra Creek. The beach sand can be seen in the foreground.

I took this shot right into the afternoon sun with my little Fuji F30 compact camera. There was sea mist in the air but I added some diffuse glow in processing.

I would have liked the composition better if the woman near the center was a little more to the left. Alas my timing was slightly late :-/

I think I'll upload this one for the Photo Friday 'softness' theme.

EXIF:  FinePix F30 | 1/240 sec | f/5 | 24 mm | 200

RGB Histogram


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What Other People Said

Nice and dreamlike
Stefan - 7 Nov 2009
Wow, that is a beautiful photo.
Riet - 7 Nov 2009
great mood you have created here! like the tones.
Gesa - 8 Nov 2009
Wow. Its great.
Rene - 8 Nov 2009
This is lovely! Looks like someones daydream...
Krista - 8 Nov 2009
This is magnificent work Gavin! Really like it :-)
Robert Kruh - 9 Nov 2009
I think your decision of processing for this image hit the right spot. Very good outcome with diffused/soft focus effect. It also enhance the brightness of her white top that contrast to the black tops the two people following.
Ben - 10 Nov 2009
Beautiful misty image, lovely mood and dreamy effect. Great job with the enhanced processing in which you definitely took this image to a higher creative level.
John Maslowski - 11 Nov 2009
Gavin, the misty atmosphere is have photographed the difficult light conditiond so brilliantly!!!
Pavan Kaul - 11 Nov 2009
Nice mood..Beautiful composition, processing..bravo!
jelb - 13 Nov 2009
Hi Gavin, Thanks for your visit and taking the time to trawl back and comment. This shot is lovely with its delicate tones and dreamlike quality.
Grouser - 13 Nov 2009
Seems so old world'y. Very cool
Christopher - 14 Nov 2009
That's a really beautiful image Gavin!
Ian Bramham - 14 Nov 2009
tres onirique, une trés belle atmosphére avec une dominante grise qui accentue la douceur de l'ensemble
kerfendal - 14 Nov 2009
superbe cette composition ! j'aime beaucoup le traitement ... C'est tellement poétique !
rose - 14 Nov 2009
Looks like its snowing there in oz :) Lovely mist atmosphere.
Will Williams - 15 Nov 2009
Dreamy, misty, a bit high key, I like it! Nice atmosphere.
Maarten - 15 Nov 2009
Love the misty and dreamy atomosphere! Beautiful image!
Giovanni - 15 Nov 2009
Very moody and interesting shot. I think the post processing is wonderful. Very well done.
Bob Towery - 16 Nov 2009
Me gusta mucho como la niebla va apoderandose de todo a su paso, buen trabajo.
Alex - 16 Nov 2009
Lovely poetic image. Love the processing, it gives a very sweet, dreamy feeling. Et merci pour votre commentaire.
Claude - 16 Nov 2009
Wow! This is one of my favourites, Gavin. The mist really gives a otherworldly look. Well done.
Robert - 19 Nov 2009
softness indeed! beautiful dreamlike mood
elaine - 20 Nov 2009
Oh, this just looks a fairytale shot...dreamy!
Kalyan - 21 Nov 2009
Simply fantastic - so dreamy and soft. Oh my I like it!
Nicki - 22 Nov 2009
Very nice photo. And, you give another reason why it's good to always have a camera on hand!
Roland [seeing-things] - 23 Nov 2009
cool processing, very mystical
pedro alexandre - 25 Nov 2009

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Path to Tallebudgerra Beach

Path to Tallebudgerra Beach